The Witch Adoption Project

(Book 2 in the Witches & Dragons series)

This sequel focuses on the consequences of Kastaspella’s actions in The Lonely Dragon. Forced to live life in the body of a 12 year old, she rails against the restrictions this imposes on her. Trouble is brewing.

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Memoirs of a Feline Familiar

(Witches & Dragons series – animal expose)

Jinx, Kastaspella’s cat, gives us the ins and outs of life as a witch’s familiar. A true insight into the difficult task familiars face on a daily basis when dealing with their very exacting humans.

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When Rainbows Dare

(Book 3 in the Rainbow Quest series)

Set 10 years into the future after the events in When Rainbows Cry, characters find themselves launching into space as they fight authorities determined to pull their world down around them.

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