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Born in South Africa, and some say left under a tree to be raised by lions, I found myself lusting for adventure when I reached my late teens.  So in 1987 I jetted my way to England to visit family and satisfy my wanderlust.  After taking a real fancy to UK weather I decided to stay and invested in copious amounts of thermal underwear, hats, scarves and gloves. Several years later, in my role as careworn teacher and weekend writer, I embarked on a writing holiday to the little Greek Island of Skyros.  In this magical place with its coves, hill top houses and magnificent sunsets I had an epiphany.  It was so obvious I should dedicate more time to my writing.  Probably the result of heat stroke since I hadn’t seen much sun in quite some time.  Summer is a very loose term in the UK.  Happily though, it led me to where we are now.