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Born in South Africa in the 60s, I came to England in 1987. As I liked the weather so much I decided to stay. Since then I have studied writing at City Lit with the poet Caroline Natzler , self-published 7 books and acquired an indecent number of shoes. Currently I teach English at a local charity (Young Women’s Hub) and run creative writing workshops and after school clubs in collaboration with  My published work includes poetry in the literary magazine Prole, Fantasy for children, Science Fiction for young adults and Magic Realism for adults. When not writing I read voraciously, watch countless box-sets on All 4 or Netflix and dabble in the footwork of Argentine Tango and Lindy Hop.

While based in imaginary worlds, my writing for children focuses on loneliness and the desire to belong and be part of a tribe. It strives to show the good and bad of interpersonal relationships, with an emphasis on the good, I hope. In all my books I always write about the good and bad angels we have sitting on each shoulder, about the strange creatures lurking at the periphery, about life and about death.


  • Provide very cheap or free e-books for children everywhere
  • Empower people and enable them to read and write with more confidence
  • Share my enthusiasm for literature
  • Support libraries and library staff
  • Promote the power of knowledge

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