Born in South Africa in the 60s, I came to England in 1987 to visit family and liked the weather so much I decided to stay.  After a writing holiday on the little Greek Island of Skyros I had an epiphany and realised I should be writing on a more full time basis so walked away from a teaching career. It was probably heat stroke since I hadn't seen much sun since my arrival in the UK.


I then studied writing at City Lit with the poet Caroline Natzler and now self-publish, blog and tutor in the South London area. Currently I teach English at a local charity (Young Women’s Hub) and run creative writing workshops and after school clubs in collaboration with


My published work includes poetry in the literary magazine Prole, Fantasy for children, Science Fiction for young adults and Magic Realism for adults.  As well as my writing, I have a passion for Italiano, Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango. When not chained to my desk and laptop writing or attempting to learn Italian, you can often find me tripping the light fantastic with my dancing pals.

What readers are saying - 5 Star Reviews

When Rainbows Cry

“This is a book that will arouse your curiosity because it takes you into a future with exciting possibilities. It is written in clear and simple language. Each chapter ends with a tantalising hook that will ensure you read on. This is an enjoyable, futuristic sci-fi mystery that you will want to solve with the charming and delightful characters in the book.”

Vasundra Jackison, Greenacre Writers


“An intriguing read which seems to set the stage for the life and career of the main character, Robert Deed. ‘Bob Deed’ is the Palindrome of the book title but he is much more than a play on words, he has a gift for discovery, for following a lead, for intuition that points to facts not easily seen.”

Bob The Elder, Goodreads

Where Rainbows Hide

“Beautifully descriptive, leaving enough for one’s imagination to take over! Not just for young adults! I’m a happy mature adult!”

Amanda Hamilton, Amazon

The Lonely Dragon

“Outstanding Novel ! Perfect for children who want to escape into their own fantasy land .The Lonely Dragon is a funny story with many twists and turns, about a mythical creature who just wants company (and not to be treated like a monster). Clarissa, a young girl, who arrives in this magical land, where fairy tales come true in her dreams is his only hope.”

The Aritimes, Amazon

Six Dead Men

“Absolutely Loved this book. The use of native language to several characters threw me for a bit but then I had it down. Loved it. Really great plot with a new outlook to it, totally awesome characters, superb twists.”

Michael Nethery, Goodreads